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Who We Are

The Smarter Home Club started in July 2018....

... because Kerry Clendinning and Doug Roberson each had a few too many ideas. When asking for a little extra information about the behind-the-scenes workings of different automation technologies, their questions and ideas fell on deaf ears. Having noticed each other in several related home automation communities, their shared experiences encouraged them to start a new group more suited to thinking outside the box. The Smarter Home Club was founded in order to connect people who want to learn about smart home technologies to people who can answer their questions. We've got programmers, engineers, electricians, designers and network administrators in the group. We also have grandparents, students, stay-at-home moms, you name it. Whether you have controls on every circuit in your home or you've got an Amazon Echo Dot with a couple of smart plugs, this is a great place for you to share your projects and get ideas from others.


The smart home ecosystem is a lot like the Wild West. Maybe it is more like the PC revolution of the 80s and 90s. Either way, there is a WEALTH of products out there, with exciting new technology hitting the market everyday. Our community is in the thick of the home automation revolution!


We don't believe that "Google it" is an acceptable answer. "Why would you want to do THAT?" is not an acceptable answer. We want (and have built) a community where your grandparents or your kids can ask a question and have a great chance of getting a USEFUL answer.


Members of the Smarter Home Club are always building SOMETHING. If you're interested in some facet of smart home technology, odds are, one member or another is either setting it up or just finished it. Ask questions or show off what you've made.


Kerry and Doug write a lot of entries each month, usually multiple entries each week, but there are other bloggers in the community who are glad to share there latest entries with you, on topics ranging from product reviews and previews to articles showing how to use tech in ways you never thought of.

What We Do

We share our experiences with the products we use.

We spend a lot of time on our PROJECTS. We also spend a lot of time writing up the installation, provisioning, and configuration of smart home products. We share the roadblocks we run into, discuss the good and the bad of our experiences - so that you can make better purchasing decisions or avoid potential problems. Here are some examples:

Arlo Pro 2 Camera System

There are a number of benefits to the Arlo Pro 2 cameras. They're wireless, with a base station, and are powered by batteries, which you can charge every week, or install solar panels like I did.

  • The Insanely Easy Arlo Pro 2 Install
  • Going Solar With The Arlo Pro 2 Cameras
  • Re-Going Solar With Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Solar Panels
  • Ring Doorbell and Floodlight Cameras

    Ring really made a mark on the Smart Home industry with their doorbell cameras, so I wanted to give them a try for my family's home security.

  • Troubleshooting The Ring Doorbell Pro Install
  • Ring Floodlight Cameras, or “It ain’t always easy…”
  • Amazon Echo Products

    Voice control has been the dream and the promise of home automation since before there was home automation. With all the Echo devices in my home, I wanted to give a solid set of setup instructions for anyone interested in bringing Alexa into their family.

  • Introducing Amazon Alexa and the Echo Products
  • GE MErlin Reverse Osmosis Filter

    One of my favorite sayins is "Smart Home is a big umbrella." I enjoy intorducing topics that a lot of people may not consider "smart home" until they've got a chance to think about it. The GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis filter series is a great example, as I cover a large water filtration project involving a whole-house sediment filter, reverse osmosis, and deionization.

  • Introducing – The Fabulous Discontinued GE Merlin Tank-less Reverse Osmosis Filter System!
  • Refurbishing The GE Merlin Tank-less Reverse Osmosis Filter
  • RODI Filtration Part Three – The Install
  • The GE Merlin Water Filtration Project is Complete!
  • Shelly Cloud Switches and Modules

    There is no secret that I'm a huge fanboy of Shelly products, so is Kerry. They're small, low cost, and high quality automation controls - but what really sets them apart is how responsive they are to adding features that customers ask for. It'sIn a lot of ways, it is as if a DIY smart home enthusiasts sat down and designed products that check off ALL the boxes! BTW, I think that the first article is a great read no matter what technology you want to use - it helps to take some time and plan out what you want to accomplish and I show how I do just that.

  • Making The Roadmap
  • How To Use Shelly Modules in Hubitat Elevation or Smart Things
  • Phillips Hue

    The Phillips Hue products are exciting because they bring very simple and reliable home automation of lights to people who are intimidated by electrical wiring. I cover the setup and configuration of the Hue bridge, which is required to use the bulbs, unless you've got an Amazon Echo Plus or second gen Echo Show.

  • Setting Up Your Philips Hue Bridge
  • Tutorials

    How YOU can do what we do!

    Learn To Program Arduino

    Micro-controllers are the basis of almost all Smart Home products. Working with the Arduino can teach you the basics of both electronics and programming.

  • Learn To Program Arduino
  • Learn To Program Arduino: The IDE
  • Learn To Program Arduino: Part III – Functions, Syntax, and the Breadboard
  • MQTT

    If you want a quick way to connect home automation products and systems that aren't directly compatible, check if they use MQTT... or write a bridge if they don't!

  • About MQTT...
  • Project Mercury Part I – Subscribing to an MQTT Topic
  • Project Mercury Part II – Publishing MQTT Messages
  • Project Mercury Part III: Putting Everything Together
  • Project Moneta – How to Save Data in a Database from Visual Basic
  • RFLink

    RFLink allows you to capture data from a wide variety of 433 MHz sensors and devices. These tutorials use Visual Basic to show you how to capture the data.

  • Project Viduus Part I – Importing Data From RFLink
  • Project Viduus Part II – Changing Direction on RFLink
  • What Real Members Have To Say About Smarter Home Club:

    Author image

    Building your own devices can be a daunting task. I appreciate this group's willingness engage in productive feedback and discussion for makers, while still being welcoming to the beginner buying their 1st wi-fi switch.

    Paul Taylor IT Network Analyst
    Author image

    The group is extremely knowlegable and friendly, helpful, and responsive to questions from all levels of home automation familiarity.

    Jeremy McCollum Amateur Meteorologist
    Author image

    Smarter Home Club is a fun, welcoming place to interact with others who share an interest in home automation. Whatever your experience level, there's someone here who can help...

    Skyler Hart Industrial Automation Engineer
    Author image

    Smarter Home Club is the BEST smart home automation group on Facebook, bar none. Why? Doug, Kerry and the gang are super welcoming and open to questions of varying degrees of complexity. The groups discusses a broad range of topics emcompassing basic reviews from bloggers like me (e.g., robot lawn mower reviews, Alexa tips) to cool smart device topics like how to go solar with security cameras to super advanced topics like how to "flash" smartplugs and Rapsberry Pi hacks. Best of all, ideas are always shared in a welcoming, courteous, and non pretentious way, which is so unlike similar groups out there. Everytime I log onto the page, I see and learn something new. Thanks Smarter Home Club for this unique & amazing resource!

    Tim Brennan www.OneSmartCrib.com
    Author image

    The Smarter Home Club has become an online home for me where I can share ideas with like minded people who look at home automation and the smart home from a similar perspective as me. “The Club” is so open and approachable that people can learn so much about any specific smart home ecosystem or automation in general. Outside the box thinking is where “The Club” really shines and this has been the area that most other Smart Home Groups fall as they limit creativity and thinking. This is what makes the Smarter Home Club truly smarter.

    Michael Salerno Tech Industry Veteran and Blogger. www.iotrant.com